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Wingman709's gameplay for 1 vs. 100 (X360)

Wingman709 played 1 vs. 100

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Wingman709 said...
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This was a really fun game. I enjoyed it and look forward to more. I don't care for the fact that its LIVE and requires you to play at certain times, but it was a lot of fun.
1 vs. 100

1 vs. 100 (X360)

Genre/Style: Traditional/Game Show
Release Date:
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Did you actually play? What did you do? Or just watch?
Even in the audience you play and have a chance to win prizes. So if you don't get picked for the 1 or the 100 you are still participating.

Looking forward to this, think it will be neat when the host live events around certain themes like gaming.
Yeah, I was in the crowd all night but you still play. You need to play and be quick and good to try and get into the Mob or even picked as The One.
It will probably be easier in the live games once the Beta calms down, I couldn't even get in last night as I got there late. Being the one is stressy though =)
Good to hear it was fun; that's the most important thing. I did read about being able to win stuff, but then I read playing the game would be free, so... that probably means the prizes are things that don't cost MS anything/much, such as clothes for your Avatar. Of course I'm just guessing.
I didn't have a chance to play over the weekend. I think I'll wait for ti to come out/calm down.
@Retodon8 The prizes will be Arcade games and MS Points for those in the Mob and The One along with the top 3 players in The Crowd. But they will be giving away prizes like HDTV's, Zune's, etc during the seasons as well.
@Wingman709 Hmmm, I didn't expect that from a free game. Sounds good! :)
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