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Wingman709's gameplay for Zombie Apocalypse (X360)

Wingman709 earned achievements in Zombie Apocalypse

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Wingman709 said...
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WOW, what a fun game. Played the demo the other day because I was bored. Ended up wanting to play it again the next day. Turned out, the demo was not enough so I bought it.

While I was playing the newly bought game, I told two friends in my party about it. 10 minutes later we were all playing our newly bought XBLA game online in coop and we played the entire 55 levels in one sitting.

We had a blast and are now going to play it again on hardcore mode. I doubt we will get through it as quickly which is fine as long as we continue to have fun.
Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Overhead View Action
Release Date: 23/SEP/09
155 points
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Just bought it too, we should play it some time
I will be online tonight with Buggy and Moroniccow. You can join us if you are still awake.
Sounds fun! Too bad I have too many games in my library I have yet to even put in my xbox, plus I'm renting that Star Wars game to play with my son. Maybe when I DO get around to getting it you are all still playing.
I'll be on tomorrow night, have no school Thursday so
crazy game on the 7 days of hell mode.. wow
Yeah, the waves of Zombies is endless. I can't even imagine what day 7 is going to be like. Guess we will see soon enough.
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